Lloyd's Register Issues Guidelines for the Management of Consumables and Waste Products for Ships Fitted With Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

Issued: 2019-10-25 | Category: Technical information

To comply with the MARPOL Annex VI regulation 14.4.3 and 14.1.3, ships can either burn compliant low sulphur fuels or utilise an equivalent means to be fitted with an appliance such as Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) as per MARPOL Annex VI regulation 4. It is estimated that by start of 2020, approximately 4~5% of world fleet would be installed with EGCS. In view of the increasing number of vessels fitted with EGCS, Lloyd's Register have developed guidelines by working alongside industry partners on how to manage the consumables and waste materials collected during the EGCS operations on-board.



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