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Lloyd's Register Issues Guidelines for the Management of Consumables and Waste Products for Ships Fitted With Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems
Issued: 2019-10-25

To comply with the MARPOL Annex VI regulation 14.4.3 and 14.1.3, ships can either burn compliant low sulphur fuels or utilise an equivalent means to be fitted with an appliance such as Exhaust Gas ...

Forensic Analysis on marine bunker fuels
Issued: 2017-07-03

Owners/operators of ships are well aware of the publication of 6th revision of marine fuel standard
ISO 8217:2017. This new standard included some significant changes to the previous marine fuel

CIMAC FAQ Document
Issued: 2017-03-27

The respective CIMAC and ISO parties (CIMAC WG7 and ISO working group ISO/TC 28/SC4/WG6) have had a close collaboration in the past and in the instance of this new standard have again worked closel...

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Sulphur Regulation on Marine Fuels
Issued: 2016-04-20

Worldwide marine fuel sulphur regulations - Summary: Date 18/04/2016

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New FOBAS Fuel Management Toolkit
Issued: 2015-05-12

New FOBAS Fuel Management Toolkit

Turkish LS regulations
Issued: 2012-01-12

Lloyd’s Register FOBAS has received further information regarding the
requirement to use ‘Low Sulphur Fuel Oils in Turkish Ports’ from 1st
January 2012.